Saturday, May 24, 2008

Farmers market

Ok. Its officially summer. Saturday at the market.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Birthday Party

Yes, I must be obsessed. I spent almost 3 hours at Cougar Mtn. Zoo and took almost 1,700 pictures, of a tiger birthday party. OMG, that DOES sound crazy.

At 1 year old, they tigers are still playful. There are still signs they are cubs.

The short list of the pictures are on my TigersClaw Picasa web album.

Almos, the white tiger, was the "birthday cub". His friend Taj is the golden (read: Rare, no black stripes, orange on gold) colored one.

Here is Almos eating his hamburger birthday cake:

The blue stuff if the "icing" made from egg whites. So if you see blue on their faces, that is the cause.

Catchup post.

Ok.. catching up..

sorry to hear about the breakup.
Red couch? NO!
But then again, I had black and white furniture when i was single. My wife laughed and said "figures, typical guy".

Iron Man:
The only review I saw was "Gadget Porn"
I have to agree, in a good way..
Not great drama, but pretty good action adventure.
After I got home, i saw there was something to see after the credit roll, anyone see that? Robert Downey Jr. was pretty good. Not the first guy i would think of in action/adventure or in the character of Tony Stark (i was never an Iron Man comic book fan as a kid) but he pulled it off.

Internet speed

Well I finially broke down and got a new router. A netgear with
wireless N. Even though my laptops are both G , I figure I might as
well have the capability for the future.

I speed tested it because I helped my friend Andy set his up. His
speed test was over 12,000 Kbps. I was a little surprised when mine
came in at about 21,000..

Best surprise was that it stopped dropping my connection. Now all I
have to do is finish setting up all the wireless devices like the 3
laptops, wii, iphone and tivo.

I'll get to that after I finish editing down the 1600 pictures of Taj
and Almos and posting the decent ones.

See next blog entry.

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