Monday, June 30, 2008

You are NOT paranoid

If they park a government vehicle in front

of your office, maybe they are out to get you.

In all seriousness, my office is on the Tacoma
Campus of U of Washington. You don't often
see CIA vehicles roaming around Tacoma Wa.
It's about as common as bugatti veyron.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


It was so freaking hot out today.
Well, for the Seattle area, anyway.
92 is hot for this area. Because of the heat,
we got a rare lightning storm.

Man! That stuff
is hard to capture. I just don't have
the reflexes needed.

This was the largest one i could get.

I hope it rains tonite. I tried to water
the yard.. I just evaporated.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Wall-e Review No Spoiler

We went to see the opening show at midnight, ostensibly to miss the kid crowd. This i Highly recommend. There were a few little kids, but not very many. I predict this is going to be the kid folk summer blockbuster. Yah.. going way out on a limb there!

Very cute movie.. I think i may need insulin.
Very enjoyable. The underlying ecological message doesn't bash you over the head, though you are aware of it.

Definitely a go and see recommendation.

Ok, maybe more later.. its 2 am.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wired Magazine

I read my news via Google News reader. I subscribed to Wired Top Stories, because i work in IT. I have received the SAME article 30 times over the last 2 days. With over 200 articles a day to glance at, seeing the same one (2 lines long) 30 times is more than a bit annoying.

Wired is a tech publication, wouldn't you think that someone would have noticed that they are sending out the same article that many times?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Review: Get Smart

No spoilers here.

If you remember the original show with Don Adams , Steve Carrell does it justice. If your your taste in comedy run to Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, you'll like this one. Its not derivative of the original its an homage.

The Cameo by Bernie Kopell (Doc from the Love Boat) was great.

I didn't go out and see 40 yr old Virgin, its not my kind of humor, but I really loved this one, probably due to the nostalgia factor. I would have thought it was written by Mel Brooks.

Based on the ending, I would imagine they will go for a sequel.

I rate it 8/10, Good action, comedy without much toilet humor, and reasonably well constructed.

Whoops time for dinner and i have my priorities.

Prince Ruperts Drops

Popular Science Article

Geeky post alert!

Prince Rupert Drops are glass cooled quickly in cold water. The outside cools first and builds up stress in the glass due to the inside cooling after the outside.

Whats cool? Break the tail of the glass drop, and the whole thing EXPLODES!

Follow the link for 90 sec. video.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sexy Sumantran

Back to photograph my favorite model, Jaya.

Beautiful day, and a cooperative model.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shorten URLs to a few characters.

I just got twirl to access my twitter account. I have heard of and a few others. The twirl client comes with a button to . Yep, thats it. My blog address shortens to . Thats even easier than getting my own domain name, and worth sharing. Hope someone finds this useful.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My wife's roses

They are blooming again.
Wild colors!

Woman Who Died While Watching TV Sat Unfound for 42 Years

Ok, now this is just plain weird. How could someone die in an apartment and remain there for 42 years?

Was the manager not collecting rent? REALLY?! for 42 YEARS?!?!

Link to article.

C'mon.. that can't be for real.. Then again, i guess they musn't have a housing crisis in Croatia.

Now dear reader, please comment. Do you buy it?

Tiger Egg

I was going thru google reader and saw an article on photo tools. I like the easter egg effect, circles and Rubic's Cube.

Ok.. i like this one better..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cougar Mountain Zoo 6.15.2008

Visited Cougar Mountain Zoo today.

The Curator Robyn Barfoot is very cool and nice enough to remind me that there are more than tigers there. Who knew?

I had been meaning to see the whole facility after getting a membership and did get to see most of it today.

Rumor has it, baby tigers may be in the future for the Zoo!

It really is in a picturesque location, and the local bald eagles even showed up for fathers day!

For those residents of Seattle who have been to Woodland park, TAKE A TRIP TO ISSAQUAH!!

Nothing against Woodland park, but you've already seen it, go see Cougar Mountain Zoo.

Fathers day

Called my dad and wished him "happy fathers day".

Called my sis, who JUST learned how to text/SMS. She was pretty
excited about it. Her daughter learned before her LOL.

Went to Cougar Mountain Zoo and took pictures again. This time I saw
the rest of the animals. Thanks Robin!!!!

More pics to follow.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Congress info website/iPhone app

I saw this app on the Apple website the other day. Having access to info for my House and Senate at my iPhone is useful for feed back on such items as Net Neutrality.

I had some requests so I emailed the developer Michael D. Cohen, Ph.D.
I was very pleasantly surprised that he replied very quickly and was receptive to my change requests, even putting some up almost immediately.

Hell of a cool app for us political junkies.

If you have any reason to call or get some info on your house or senate member, check out

Sunday, June 1, 2008

June Goslings

The new goslings were nice enough to pose on their daily walk.

NOTE: the purple flowers in the slide show were because my wife likes purple.