Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 wrap-up blog entry

I don't normal write very much here, but I think its time for a 2010 wrap-up. This year has has its ups and downs. It hasn't been horrible for us. We're both still working, albeit less due to the economy and budget cuts.

The year started pretty good, Raine gave me Sanpei. Silly cat proceeded to break his hip by jumping over the fence. Thank goodness he got back in to the yard. He's all healed, but has started showing interest in going over the fence again.

I've gone back over my calendar to remind myself what i've done this year. Happily i see lots of dinners with good friends, Raine's 40th event, a visit from the Jiggy, an amazing founders dinner at Delille winery, me and Raines anniversary trip to Victoria, and the most epic wedding i've ever attended.

Some of my friends have had losses this year, and i guess that's normal from a larger perspective but not from a personal one. My sympathies to those who've lost.

I put on Facebook to 2010 that "YOU'RE FIRED!", but there are things I do want to remember.

To all of my friends, thanks for the wonderful memories, bury the painful ones, and lets make 2011 a banner year!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Been a while

Trying out a new template on the blog. Do you have an opinion?

I haven't posted in a bit. Not sure if anyone is reading.

Just a few pics from our trip to disney/universal.