Saturday, July 5, 2008

How to spot a wing-nut or Methinks thou doth protest too much

I admit it. I was looking for Wall*E swag. Curious which burger chain was going to be pushing toys that I could put on my dashboard. Childish, yes, i admit that.

Now I realize movies with a moral can generate invective. So I wasn't totally surprised to find some people complaining about it in the movie review comments. What did surprise me was seeing so much of this drivel.

It’s a leftist anti-Wal-Mart piece of propaganda. Consumption isn’t bad. Buying into the global warming hoax is just so sad.

I realized 2 things at nearly the same time

1. I may not find "throw-away" toy promotions for this movie (at least I hope I do not) since, isn't that really the point of the movie.
2. The wing-nuts seem to complain most vehemently when they are threatened.

What disappoints me a little, is that I can't get a small Wall*e toy for my dash. I'll live.

Our economy is based on consumerism. Of that there is no doubt. New products are what drives it. I'm not against capitalism, but perhaps i will buy more products with less disposable packaging and in a small way trash the planet more slowly.

NOTE: This post was edited to remove attribution to that quote. The author tells me she did not make that post. Appologies to her.

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