Saturday, October 24, 2009

3 Sumatrans, 2 Bengals, 2 Bengal cubs, 170 miles = 1300 pictures.

The first tiger in this set is the new male at Pt. Defiance Zoo. His name is yet to be chosen, I'm voting for Bali. He got some "enrichment items" for his introduction to the public. They included a "Popsicle" and a pumpkin with some hamburger inside. Sadly when he went to investigate the pumpkin, he knocked it into his pool. He seemed to really enjoy the Popsicle, as he drug it up the hill and hid in the shadows with it. The keepers were saying that they will try and get him and Jaya to eventually breed hopefully.

Jaya is in this set as well. She was being photogenic as usual, if not a little shy, hiding in the back of the 2nd enclosure.

Java was mostly hiding in the shade of a third enclosure. I got only a few pictures of him and only one worth posting.

I won't post the rest of this set just yet, per request.

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