Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Restaurant review: RN74

Our menu:

Cheese plate , of note here was the guava gelle.
Meat plate, good, picture below
Tomato soup fondue: comfort food, nicely presented. a favorite.
Foie Gras sliders: Outstanding, excellent compliments, nicely presented.

Excellent Riesling chosen by the sommelier. Need to get the name.


Beef Bourguignon: savory, gorgeously prepared.
Coq au Vin: comfort food for me, done elegantly.
Salmon with Foie Gras. Sumptuous and creamy and rich.
Heirloom tomato "BLT" salad. Also nicely executed.


Chocolate and strawberry sorbet: the flavors were brilliant!
Salted Carmel and MacAllen butterScotch Beignets: butterscotch made with my favorite scotch. rich and a must have
Chocolate pot de creme: variety of flavors, chocolate lovers must have.
Strawberry vacherin. Strawberries, creme Fraiche, basil meringue and fennel. Amazing

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Location:14th Ave Ct NE,Puyallup,United States

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