Monday, September 29, 2008


In reply to: scottsigler I'm undecided. Both campaigns appall me. So Obamites, educate me: cease with the "nanner-nanner" posts, link to what makes him right for USA

I was going to layoff the politic thing, and not direct anything to you.. I wasn't sure you and I were in any way aligned politically. From previous posts, i think you might have a conservative leaning. Perhaps I'm wrong. This post makes me think you are more open minded, than i had previously though. A very good thing.

Perhaps this is just slightly the wrong perspective. Having said that, I will most probably be voting for Obama, primary because I think he is the more open minded and sophisticated of the 2 that will get the lions share of the votes. While I might agree with some of Ron Paul's fiscal ideas, I don't believe he has enough of a movement to garner a significant position in the election.

Back to what makes one or the other "right for the USA":

Social: Least important to me, Mcain should be "gov't out of your business", Palin choice doesn't back that up. Obama, appears more engaged. Despite Mcains protests, Obama does seem to "get it".

International: We NEED the rest of the world, especially now due to our financial situation. We need someone who the rest of the world thinks is listening. Mcain 1 point for some established relationships, -2 points for his reputation of " tantrum like behaviour". Obama speech in Berlin, may prove he is a rock star, but more importantly it proves people WANT to listen to him. US or abroad, Obama get the win on engaging people.

Fiscal policy: Mcain appears his most dangerous here. Phil Gram has a key responsibility in the original removal of regulation. He is a KEY advisor and is will protect moneyed interests.
Obama, No golden parachutes. He was on this track way before Mcain.

Overall, its more about US.. The electorate telling congress and the candidates what we want. I believe they should come to us.. NOT the other way around.


You, Scott, have peoples ear. As a successful podcaster, you have a slightly louder voice. I may disagree with your conservatism, but i respect your opinion. What i ask of you, and every citizen: Get others ENGAGED. Like you just did. WHY are we voting for our canidate. Just voting party line is WRONG. Make them come to us. BE SPECIFIC. Tell them what you want!

I want out of Iraq. We already won. They have a gov't. They need to step up to the plate.
I want reasonable regulation, taking of responsibility, TRANSPARENCY.
I want to be a PROUD AMERICAN. How can we NOT be the most respected country in the world. We have GOOD people.


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