Monday, September 29, 2008

Boston Legal/Congressional vote on bailout? Deal or no Deal?

Ok.. I must go to sleep. The world has gone from odd to surreal in about 2 seconds..

The intro to tonight's episode of Boston Legal was a parody of Deal or No Deal? by one lawyer to another in a conference.

I just finished watching talking heads discuss today's congressional vote on the bailout.. Deal or No Deal?

Stock prices/value crumbled today, and lots of people status on social networking sites are mentioning 401K value. To buy stocks right now: Deal or No Deal?

What happened to the world today? Was the bailout a Deal or No Deal?


Nancy Pelosi: Chastise the current president AFTER the vote. -1 point to you.

Republican Leadership did you talk to your members and have a Deal (or No Deal?) -10 points

Republican members, I concede that the Speakers timing is poor. That's NO reason to scuttle a Deal (or No Deal). YOUR FIRED!

I told you I was tired.

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