Friday, October 10, 2008



Breaking news: Palin abused her power as Gov. in the Monegan firing. Big surprise there.
She claims that she didn't get to talk to the investigation.. AFTER refusing to testify/speak to the investigation.. wow, really?

McCain has to talk his voters down, after people have been yelling "Terrorist" and "Kill Him" at McCain and Palin campaign rallies. He had to take the microphone away from a woman who called Obama an arab. Having to explain that Obama is a good man, and you "don't have to fear him".


Call me not very surprised that McCain voters don't already know this. I am surprised that he is having to talk them down. Now, I am NOT implying that all conservatives / McCain followers are stupid or racist. There are however a large number who are one or both. People who are paying attention to the "Who is the real Obama?" nonsense and not the economic meltdown. Anyone who yells "Kill Him" at a campaign rally is both stupid and racist.

Hello???!!! The Secret service protects both McCain and Obama. I would imagine the Secret service would pay attention to those type of things.

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Jeremy said...

I'm somehow not surprised that 2 foreign news outlets, the BBC and CBC, both refer to the investigating panel as being bi-partisan. And yet Republican officials say (according to the CBC report):

"This was a partisan led inquiry run by [Barack] Obama supporters and the Palins were completely justified in their concern regarding Trooper Wooten given his violent and rogue behavior," the campaign's statement said.

I'm actually surprised that the official website doesn't actually mention the issue, if only to try o discredit it further.