Sunday, October 5, 2008

New DVDs

We just got the new Iron Man DVD.

They were good enough to include a whole DVD of special features and a few hidden scenes. What was disappointing was that there was no iPod version of the movie. I see on iTunes that they will be selling that for another $14. I am quite disappointed. Transcoding another of copy of the movie and including it on the 2nd (special feature disk) is something i would have expected.

This disk we were going to buy anyway. Based on the popularity of the movie (servers that support the blue-ray version crashed in the first 2 days) i'm not very surprised they didnt include it and will charge an additional fee to get the ipod version.

I won't however condsider buying DVD's without ipod versions included as a special feature.

Do you hear me movie companies? :-P Fork over the additional content.

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